Le Savoir Vivre


Le Savoir Vivre is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and serves clients in Scottsdale and the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area. 
Founded and managed by Scottsdale resident Sylvie Carasso, Le Savoir Vivre is well known for providing high-quality service to a wide variety of customers, and has been successfully operating in Scottsdale, Arizona since 2002.

Sylvie Carasso

Sylvie Carasso is a French native, born and raised in France and living in the United States since 2002.  
She has been successful in several international business ventures in France, Italy, Luxemburg, and The United States.  
She has been teaching language and etiquette both in France and the US for several years. 
She spent 20 years in the international fashion industry primarily focusing in upscale fashions, particularly in men's fashion. 
She is qualified and certified to work with school aged children in Scottsdale, Arizona.